Community Overview

CENTURY 21 Hartford is located in the city of Farmington, Michigan.

From the City of Farmington website:

“Farmington is identified by its pleasant neighborhoods, a graceful historic district and downtown shopping opportunities. The City strives to preserve and maximize these assets and provide for growth and redevelopment. To provide for growth and redevelopment, the City maintains a Master Plan for the downtown area and is participating in the National Main Street Center Program.”

Learn more about the Farmington Public Schools and the community library.


Nearby Farmington Hills is often thought of as the same community as Farmington, but has separate services and addresses.

From the City of Farmington Hills website:

“The City has earned the reputation of being a well-run, desirable place to live and work with award-winning police, fire, recreation programs, and public services.

Farmington Hills is consistently ranked among the safest cities in Michigan and in 2014 had the lowest number of recorded crimes in its 42-year history. The quality of life enjoyed by residents and the advantages enjoyed by businesses are the reason why so many companies and families move here, stay here, and grow here.”